Gasper Malvazija

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Gasper Malvazija - 1.jpg

Gasper Malvazija


Slovenian Malvazija from Goriska Brda. Unfamiliar stuff - but let us assure you this is no gimmick. Winemaker Darinko Ribolica is making pristine modern wines in the hills which stretch from Venezia Giulia in northeast Italy into western Slovenia. The nearby Adriatic and Alpine breezes result in wines that have amazing poise - round, giving, stylishly cool.

No oak. Ripe orchard fruits, fresh almonds, white flowers and a wonderfully round texture. Love the label too.

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Region Goriska Brda, Slovenia

Grapes Malvazija

Winemaker Darinko Ribolica

Bottle 75cl

ABV 13%