Celebrating a year of C&B

To mark a year since we decided to jump into the world of C&B, Will and I wanted to highlight a few of the people that have helped us along the way. We feel very lucky to have the support of these wonderful humans! 


Luca and Rosy, Two Spoons

These two are a real bundle of joy. We love our meetings with them, and their endless enthusiasm and encouragement. Luca kicks us off with his fabulous cocktails, while Rosy cooks up a storm. We love their sense of adventure, and look forward to seeing what they both rustle up for our next tasting.

Kat Waters

One sunny January afternoon, we got some photogenic pals together in a room with us and some wines. The results are many of the pictures you see on our website, taken by our friend Kat. She truly captured the joy of the afternoon. Find out more at www.katherinewaters.co.uk.


Christian Denereaz

We first met Christian back in May at our very first event at Two Spoons. He's an Honor Oak local and our most avid taster. Christian brings his eccentric charm to all of our tastings, where we catch up about his allotment and his motorbike. Cheers, Christian!

Assorted Housemates

To James, Ella, Ali, Emily, Adam and Natalie. Thanks for putting up with us commandeering our shared spaces with our noise, glasses and vintage TV watching. You're all gems.



Our lovely tasters

We couldn't do any of this without you people filling our tastings with raucous laughter and joy. 


Thanks all! Looking forward to the next year.

Jo x