Introducing Clement & Black

cb - 262.jpg

After months of talking and planning, we've finally got down to bizniz. With the help of our some seriously lovely, super clever mates and contacts, we've taken some photographs, written some wine lists and pressed go on our website.

We're pretty aching to start sharing our wines at your events. We want to make your evenings fabulous and keep you and your friends/rellies/colleagues entertained and feeling thoroughly indulged. We'll help you design a night that suits you. You're in charge, we've just got the glasses. And the booze. And we can tell you some stories about it, if you like.

Got questions? Contact us here, and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter using the form below so we can keep you up to date with upcoming events and *exclusive* offers.

Our launch tasting is on 25th May at new Honor Oak Park bar Two Spoons. Find out more and book tickets by visiting our tastings page.

Oh, and you can see what happens behind the scenes on our Instagram page. Bit bare at the moment, but we've only just begun x