We love wine, we love drinking, and we won't compromise that message. But we recognise the social impact of alcohol. Our attitude to drink is this: don't overdo it, and drink well. Drinking well isn't about quantity, but enjoyment of the best you can afford in a situation which is controlled, conscious and good. Take responsibility to enjoy alcohol as such, and if it goes beyond, take action.


There are strict laws governing the provision and sale of alcohol. Clement & Black operate in several ways and we want you to know we're aware of the laws that apply, so you know we're always legit, and you don't have to worry.

Needless to say we'll always need to know you are 18+.

Wine events AT home

To host at home, we need at least two weeks' notice. This is so we can obtain a Temporary Event Notice from your local council. We want to be upfront about it, because this should never be a problem (we outline to the authority the scope of a C&B wine event - we're lovely; it's not going to be a riot). This means we can legally serve wine in your home and you can take advantage of our post-event wine offers. A bit of paperwork, but ultimately no worries.


We host wine events in local venues around London. All of them are licensed to sell alcohol on their premises. Someone who's legally called a Designated Premises Supervisor authorises us to the serve alcohol at the venue, which means we can pour you our wines in beautiful, diverse locations around the city.


Many companies and institutions hold alcohol licences so that they can serve alcohol on their premises. If this is the case for you, no problem. We just need your DPS to give us the good-to-go. If you don't have a licence, again, no problem, we'll just need to obtain a Temporary Event Notice from your local council, which takes two weeks. This should never be a problem: we make it clear that our events will be fabulous, not raucous. So whether you are licensed or not, your event will be compliant, no bother.


Clement & Black operate as a mobile events company. After an event, we take orders and payment for wines we'll deliver to you. We subsequently dispatch the wines from a premises which has an alcohol licence and a responsible Premises Supervisor who authorises the sale. This means we are always above board and you know you're buying from a company that cares about our responsibility in the sale of alcohol.