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Win Win(e)! September Quiz Night + Wine Tasting

  • Clement & Black @ Two Spoons 72 Honor Oak Park London, England, SE23 1DY United Kingdom (map)

Let's get quizzical! Join us for our always-popular boozy quiz, eight wines and some delicious nibbles. And prizes! No wine knowledge required - just a few rounds of irreverent tasting and questions and a generous giveaway at the end. We give you guidance and top tasting tips along the way. 

You can come in a team, be teamed when you rock up, or go it alone - it's totally up to you!

We'll give you the techniques to work through the rounds and test yourself as we go:

  • Posh or plonk - can you tell the difference? Learn how to identify quality and put your palate to the test in our most-loved challenge;
  • Picture round - winemaker and wine: can you match a wine with the smart cookie that made it? Always a laugh and surprisingly intuitive;
  • Price bingo - pick the price of the wine in your glass. We show you how to make a decent stab at a fair price.

C&B tastings are always easy and chatty and you'll learn a load throughout. Highest scorers will win a bottle and a free ticket to upcoming tastings. No presh though. As they say, it's the taking part that counts - and you come away with new tips and knowledge. Win win(e)!

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For £25 you get

  • Two Spoons cocktail on arrival
  • Eight wines
  • Top tips on how to taste
  • Bread, cheese, charcuterie
  • Lovely chat and laughs
  • Exclusive discounts and free case delivery in London
  • Chance to win a bottle + free tasting ticket

Be assured C&B tastings are about good times, not lectures. Our events are for everyone: if you're new to wine tastings, don't fret, you'll get the lowdown on how to taste; if you're a dab hand, we've got some cracking boozy surprises. Wine for all.

Exclusive discounts on takeaway purchases and free case delivery in London if you love any of the wines you've tasted.